Young People's Comments


This is what the Young People have said about our work:

"Everyone at the Amber project is so warm and supportive. The workshops are great fun. Everyone has a great time and a laugh and it is a good environment for people to offer support. I know from experience I was very nervous joining a workshop but everyone was very welcoming and my nerves eased off."
"Every time I go to Amber, no matter what I am feeling beforehand, I will always walk out with a smile on my face and to be honest that’s a really special thing. Big up Amber!"
"Amber has been a great support system over the years.  It’s a place where I can just be myself with no judgement.  They are always ready to listen to whatever problem you have no matter how big or small."
"Amber has helped me build my confidence in so many ways.  The support has gotten me through some tough times. I’ve built my courage and come out of my shell with a passion to achieve my dreams.  Amber has been inspirational and instrumental in developing my social skills.  Meeting new people and doing the theatre workshop has helped me cope with my anxiety and strive to achieve my full potential.  It's honestly changed my life for the better."
"Amber: what can I say.  Over the past 3 months I have been attending this amazing organisation who have helped me overcome difficult situations.  Back last year I thought all was lost when I fell out of college, but due to the fantastic staff and work I now see hope for the future. Not being judged is a fantastic thing.  I would recommend Amber to anyone."
"Coming to Amber has helped me gain confidence and self-esteem through taking part in the theatre workshops.  It has improved my mental health as it is somewhere I can go to have fun and socialise in a supportive environment.  The workers are really kind and caring and are always there for you, if you are struggling."

"The Amber Project has helped me to regain confidence again. I look forward to every session as I leave feeling better at the end of the week."